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Yes I believe in empowering the underprivileged by restoring/improving their eye sight!
I would like to donate a sum of Rs to support the sight restoring activities of Dr Shroff’s Charity Eye Hosptal by donating for :

Cataract Surgeries

Rs. 1200 for one surgery (~22 USD)
Rs 2400 for two surgeries (~44 USD)
Rs 6000 for five surgeries (~111 USD)
Rs for surgeries

Cataract Surgeries for Children (more than 6 years of age)

Rs 2500 for one child (~46 USD)
Rs 5000 for two children (~100 USD)
Rs 12,500 for five children (~233 USD)
Rs for children.

Cataract/Squint/Glaucoma Surgery for Children (less than 6 years of age)

Rs 5000 for one child (~100 USD)
Rs 10,000 for two children (~200 USD)
Rs 60,000 for five children (~1118 USD)
Rs for children

Rehabilitate Low Vision Persons

Rs 7000 for one person (~130 USD)
Rs 14,000 for two persons (~260 USD)
Rs 35,000 for five persons (~652 USD)
Rs for persons.

Retinal Surgery

Rs 15,000 for one surgery (~279 USD)
Rs 30,000 for two surgeries (~559 USD)
Rs 75,000 for five surgeries (~1398 USD)
Rs for surgeries

One time Donation for Corpus Fund

Rs 25,000 (~466 USD)

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Impact Stories
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  • I can see my grandchildren - Grand children are a source of unadulterated joy for old people. Imagine not being able to see them and play with them. Or for that matter becoming slowly dependant on others for even day to day tasks. Read More...

  • A Bright future for shivani - BalakRam, a landless labourer from Hardoi District of Uttar Pradesh has to support a family of five on a monthly income of Rs.2000 ($40). Balak Ram first realized that his youngest daughter, Shivani had a problem... Read More...

  • Samarath gets a new life - Imagine a child having retinoblastoma (cancer) of the eye. And the plight of the parents can be imagined that absence of treatment would lead to certain death for their child. Samarth, the only child of a poor... Read More...