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ENT problems like discharge from the ear are often ignored. By the time the loss of functionality forces the patient to consult a physician, the restorative options with the team become highly diminished.

The ENT team at SCEH - in recognition of such trends has built programs that create awareness about kinds of problems in existing patients and encourage them to take a holistic view of health and hygiene
  • A 'Sleep and Snoring Clinic' to address the needs of Sleep Apnea patients.
  • A hearing resource centre has also been developed with state-of-the-art machines like BERA and the ability to dispense programmable hearing aids.
  • A Headache Clinic addresses the most common problem of 'headaches', holistically, by addressing lifestyle related issues.  
SCEH saw over 36,000 patients complaining of various ENT problems this year.
  • SCEH is one of the handful institutions in North India capable of conducting Cochlear implants.
  • The team pioneers Endoscopic surgeries that lead to scarless solutions to internal problems.
ENT Specialists at SCEH