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The eye is a delicate and complex organ that makes us see.

The Anterior of the eye is what is visible to us. i.e. the Sclera (the white of the eye) and the Cornea. Through the microscope, the doctors can see the other vital parts of the eye incl. the Posterior of the eye. Some of the most commonly known of these is the Retina (the back of the eye), the Optic Nerve (sending impulses to the brain translating the image) and other vital parts.

When you look at an object, light rays reflected the image of the object to the cornea. Cornea does most of the focusing - like in a camera. The lens fine tunes the focusing. All this activity happens in the anterior part of the eye. Inside the posterior part of the eye i.e. the Retina, the image is converted to electrical impulses that are then transmitted through the optic nerve, to the brain, where the image is translated and perceived into what you 'see'.

Because of the many parts of the eye and the demands from its synchronous working, Eye is studied and managed in various sub-divisions. That is why SCEH has super-specialists across all these sub-divisions or specialities.

Often our super specialists work in tandem. SCEH keeps your comfort as an utmost priority, so you are not asked to consult the other sub specialities. The team collaborates, arrives at a consensus and gives you the best solution.