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The Institute happens to be one of the rare few hospitals that focus on the need of Low Vision and Rehabilitation. This ultimately becomes a beacon of hope for patients who cannot be helped surgically.

Low Vision Aids Clinic, also known as Vision Enhancement Clinic
Children with low vision may suffer developmental and educational delays, it is very necessary for early detection and intervention. The low vision examination is a comprehensive evaluation of the person's efficient use of their remaining vision. The purpose of this evaluation is to prescribe optical and non-optical aids to maximize use of the person's residual vision. These services are to provide them a comprehensive range of low vision enhancement services, including assessment, prescription and demonstration. In our paediatric low vision aids clinic, children with low vision are seen by appointment. Examination and appropriate prescription of optical devices are done by optometrists specially trained in low vision aids. Children and their parents are also counseled regarding compliance with the devices. 

Vision Therapy Clinic
The Vision Therapy clinic aims to treat children with amblyopia, accommodative problems, with reading difficulty, oculomotor problems and children with suppression develop fusion, through various exercises. These exercises include Brock string, Vectogram, Mirror stereogram, Pegboard, O-scope, Aperture rule, Flippers, Prisms, Filters and lenses. The patients are given the option of exercises at home with the help of Home Kits, eliminating the need to come to the office for continued therapy. This is far less expensive. Many learning difficulties can be attributed to vision problems that are not detected during typical school vision screenings. One must schedule a Developmental Vision examination at Vision Therapy Clinic, as these problems are very well treatable.

Prism Clinic
Dr Shroff's Charity Eye Hospital has a specialized Prism Clinic. This clinic examines patients only on an appointment basis. We see patients with complaints of chronic diplopia (double vision ) who have difficulty in daily functions because of this problem. They may be bothered by poor cosmetic appearance of the squint , also they may be adopting an abnormal head posture (Head turn or tilt) in order to view a single image. The diplopia may be a result of trauma, previous surgery, nerve palsy as a result of diabetes or hypertension etc. An Optometrist specialized in Prism therapy does a thorough orthoptic examination and appropriate trial prisms are used in order to help the patient adapt to the prisms.

Our Team
Ms. Soniya Srivastava

Other Clinics

BOTOX ® clinic
Botulinum toxin more commonly known as Botox® is the miracle drug being used for cosmetic purposes. In fact it was first used to manage squinting of eyes. It is being used to manage different types of squints, particularly beneficial in paralytic cases where double vision is quite troublesome. Botox injection is a 5 minutes procedure done in Outpatient clinic under topical anesthesia. Some patients may have discomfort. There are minimal side effects if any, and are temporary. Botox  starts working within 3-7 days. In some patients the injection has to be repeated.